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Vote for IHT Group’s Cooling Mats in the New Product Tour 2024!

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Cooling Mat In Crate

We are thrilled to announce that our groundbreaking Cooling Mats have been nominated for the prestigious New Product Tour 2024, and we need your support!

Why Vote for IHT Group Cooling Mats?

At IHT Group, we are committed to advancing animal welfare and enhancing productivity in the agricultural industry. Our Cooling Mats are a testament to this commitment. Designed with the well-being of sows and boars in mind, our innovative mats offer numerous benefits:

Alleviating Heat Stress: Our Cooling Mats provide a comfortable and cool environment for sows and boars, effectively reducing heat stress. This is crucial for maintaining the animals’ health and comfort, especially during hot weather.

Boosting Milk Production: Our Cooling Mats help improve milk production in sows by reducing heat stress. This leads to healthier piglets and better overall production outcomes.

Reducing Semen Trash: Our Cooling Mats help boars maintain optimal body temperatures, which is vital for semen quality. This reduction in semen trash translates to higher efficiency and productivity in breeding programs.

Enhancing Animal Welfare: We believe that happy, healthy animals are the cornerstone of a successful farming operation. Our Cooling Mats ensure that sows and boars are comfortable, less stressed, and more productive, ultimately promoting better animal welfare.

We are passionate about positively impacting the agricultural sector, and our Cooling Mats are just one of the many ways we strive to do so. Your vote can help us reach even more farmers and producers, making a real difference in the industry.

How to Vote:

Voting is simple and takes just a few moments of your time. Click the link below and vote for IHT Group’s Cooling Mats in the New Product Tour 2024.

👉 Vote Here 👈

Thank you for your support and for helping us innovate for a better future in agriculture. Together, we can significantly impact animal welfare and production efficiency.

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