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The IHT Group offers a wide variety of animal welfare products designed to operate your farm as efficient as possible.

Our marque product is the world’s most energy efficient farrowing heat mat. The Hog Hearth heat mat is the most eco-friendly heating system available for hog barn farrowing crate installations. Our lighting fixtures are designed to improve the lighting quality and enhance environmental sustainability, lower maintenance and provide durable long-lasting performance.

With over 27 years of experience in manufacturing equipment for the agricultural industry, IHT is committed to researching innovative technologies to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.


At IHT Group, our mission is to revolutionize the agricultural industry by offering state-of-the-art, energy-efficient systems and fully integrated farm solutions. We are dedicated to creating microclimates designed to enhance animal welfare while continuously pushing the boundaries of technological innovation and sustainability.


Our vision is to lead the industry in providing heating, cooling, and lighting systems specifically designed to optimize working conditions, reduce animal stress, increase productivity, and maximize energy efficiency on farms. With an unwavering commitment to serving our customers, we are dedicated to ensuring our systems are installed, calibrated, and optimized to ensure the best possible return on investment. IHT is paving the way towards a bright and sustainable farming future by setting new standards for excellence that help to redefine the landscape of our industry.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity


    We uphold the highest ethical standards, always following through on our commitments and maintaining honesty and trust in all interactions.

  • Innovation


    We embrace creativity and continuously strive to innovate, leading our industry toward a sustainable farming future.

  • Collaboration


    We recognize the importance of teamwork and value the input of all IHT team members and trade allies to foster a culture of cooperation and shared success.

  • Accountability


    IHT sets high standards. We take responsibility for our actions and stand by our word.

  • Safety


    We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety for our team members, customers, and the animals we serve. We prioritize safety in every aspect of our operations and ensure our team members can always rely on us to watch their backs.

  • Diversity Respect

    Diversity and Respect

    We celebrate diversity at IHT. We treat each other with respect and recognize the strength in our differences makes us stronger.

Our Team

Chris Grant Min

Chris Grant


Matt Robins Min

Matt Robins

Vice President

Heidi Durant Min

Heidi Durant


Nancy Verdezoto Feijoo

Nancy Verdezoto Feijoo

Marketing Manager

Darryl Stieler Min

Darryl Stieler

Assistant Operations Manager

Hannah Gagnon Min

Hannah Gagnon

Human Resources Coordinator

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Scott Sigmundson

Customer Support Lead

Mason Hayward Min

Mason Hayward

Production Manager

Mike Roth Min

Mike Roth

US Technical Sales Manager - IHT Lighting

Steve Stitzlein Min

Steve Stitzlein

US Technical Sales

Boyd Rice Min

Boyd Rice

US Technical Sales

Jeff Monk Min

Jeff Monk

US Technical Sales

Our Product Family

IHT provides a home for innovative products that are safe, cost-effective and efficient for you. Utilizing effective heating and cooling solutions while also providing high quality lighting products are crucial factors in promoting the well-being and productivity of plants and animals. Additionally, we recognize the significance of using sustainable and eco-friendly plastics in all operations to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact. Join our family today and see how our products can benefit you.