Hog Hearth Energy Calculator

The Hog Hearth Energy Saving Calculator is designed to provide a detailed breakdown on annual crate and full barn energy savings. Compare watts per crate, annual kWh saved and total annual energy savings for your new build or retrofit project.

Step 1

Enter the number of total crates in your barn.

Step 2

Select the Hog Hearth® heat mat model installed in your crate.

Step 3

Choose the quantity and wattage lamps installed in your farrowing crate.

Step 4

Select your local kWh cost.


Watt Savings per Crate:

Annual kWh Saved Per Crate:

Total Annual Energy Savings Per Crate:


All proposed savings are based on heat lamps running at full capacity. Hog Hearth heat mats being controlled by variable temperature controller. Hog Hearth Single Mats are designed to service a single crate with an un-elevated divider. Hog Hearth Double Mats are designed to service 2 crates with an elevated divider (watts / 2). Annual hours calculated at 21 day cycles with 1 day downtime to turn the rooms (8,550 annual hours).

All proposed heat lamp power consumption calculations are based on figures taken from lamps operating at full draw capacity (100%). All proposed Hog Hearth® system energy savings and power consumption calculations are based on figures taken from Hog Hearth® heat mats operating in an ambient climate of 68°F - 72°F. All values and figures listed for Hog Hearth® heat mats are taken directly from verified studies of Hog Hearth® heat mats being controlled by a HMC (Heat Mat Controller) / MSU (Master Sensor Unit) setup. Actual energy savings may fluctuate +/- 10% from figures listed above. IHT provides no representation, warranty or guarantee and takes no responsibility for, actual monetary or energy savings resulting from use of Hog Hearth® Heating systems.

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