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The world’s most energy efficient electric heat mats

Hog Hearth heat mats are constructed with a fire-rated, anti-microbial, easy-clean, medical grade plastic enclosure. Hog Hearth heat mats save energy, lower maintenance and provide consistent reliable heat to your newborn piglets.

Heat Where it Matters Most

We’re committed to providing energy efficient products for a wide range of industries. Our innovative designs result in state-of-the-art products that will increase the quality of life for your plants and animals. We create reliable, energy efficient equipment that is designed to save time on maintenance and energy on electric bills.

Where It Matters

Safe & Durable

We are dedicated to creating reliable, safe equipment, that all can use. Our products are easy to use, allowing our customers to provide even and consistent heat in the right amounts to your plants or animals, at just the right time. Our heating products have been proven to reduce lay-ons in farming and improving the overall plant growth in greenhouses.

Safe Durable

Energy Savings

Helping our clients operate their farms or greenhouses more efficiently is what we do, reducing heating costs by up to 65%. It’s in the details, like building with only high-density insulation, medical grade enclosures, and intuitive controls. Try out our online calculator and see how much you could save by switching to IHT Heating products.

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Energy & Maintenance Savings Calculator

Get detailed breakdown on annual crate and full barn energy savings. Compare watts per crate, annual kWh saved and total annual energy savings for you new build or retrofit project.