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The world’s most energy efficient electric heat mats

Hog Hearth heat mats are constructed with a fire-rated, anti-microbial, easy-clean, medical grade plastic enclosure. Hog Hearth heat mats save energy, lower maintenance and provide consistent reliable heat to your newborn piglets.

Energy Savings

In addition to reducing energy costs by up to 65%, using Hog Hearth lowers energy consumption, and opens the door to potential rebates. This makes Hog Hearth the clear choice for your animals needs. Hog Hearth's commitment to energy efficiency ensures that your livestock not only enjoy a cozy and comfortable environment but also positively impacts your budget and the planet. It's a win-win situation that showcases innovation's power to enhance your animals comfort and protect your bottom line. Plus, with energy rebates, the financial benefits of adopting Hog Hearth heat mats become even more enticing, making them the smartest choice for swine farm owners looking to save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

Energy Saving

Safety & Durability

Hog Hearth heat mats represent the industry's pinnacle of safety and performance. Our mats, crafted with precision, are known for their exceptional attributes, including high-impact strength and rigidity. Notably, they achieve a coveted 5VA fire (flame) rating, emphasizing their remarkable fire-resistant qualities, providing warmth and peace of mind. Moreover, their superb resistance to material degradation and excellent corrosion and chemical resistance ensure a long operational life, making them a durable choice for livestock comfort. Adding to their efficiency, Hog Hearth incorporates a high-density R-value insulation layer, making them the top choice for energy efficiency and animal welfare. Our products are engineered to deliver superior performance and reliability, setting the standard for agricultural heating solutions.

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Our Guarantee

At IHT Group, we provide optimized heating solutions and are committed to customer satisfaction. Our industry-leading 3-year warranty offers you peace of mind, knowing your investment in our products is protected. Our unwavering dedication to customer service spans the entire customer journey, from pre-sales consultations to support during installation and calibration to optimize your heating solutions. Our technical team is here to provide a seamless experience with our products and services, prioritizing your needs and ensuring efficient assistance throughout your journey with us. At IHT Group, we don't just offer heating solutions; we deliver a complete package of reliability, quality, and exceptional customer care.

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