Innovating Comfort

Our #1 priority is ensuring your animals are taken care of. Our products are able to achieve even and consistent temperatures to your animals at the right time and provide a non-slip easy to clean surface that will have them thriving in your facility.

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Efficiency & Productivity

Our products are designed to reduce stress in both staff and animals. By simulating natural light, we consistently see improved worker welfare. Our heating pads have been proven to reduce stress on sows and piglets, resulting in an improved weight per litter.

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Intuitive Controls

We take pride in our products being fully integrated with the controls you need to be able to run your facility. All our devices are designed for easy installation and options for you to outfit your space with custom bracket sets and more.

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Global Presence

At IHT Group, we are at the forefront of transforming the agricultural industry. We are revolutionizing farming practices through state-of-the-art, energy-efficient systems and fully integrated farm solutions focusing on sustainability, productivity, and excellence.

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Our Product Family

IHT provides a home for innovative products that are safe, cost-effective and efficient for you. Utilizing effective heating and cooling solutions while also providing high quality lighting products are crucial factors in promoting the well-being and productivity of plants and animals. Additionally, we recognize the significance of using sustainable and eco-friendly plastics in all operations to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact. Join our family today and see how our products can benefit you.