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IHT Plastics, building an environment of constant improvement that allows us to fully harness the advantages of plastics and composites.


Our manufacturing capabilities serve many industries—from pleasing acrylics for point of sale displays to vacuum forming for agriculture parts, and much more.

  • Agriculture

  • Automotive

  • Marine

  • Medical

  • Office

  • Retail

About Us

IHT Plastics is a full-service plastic and composite manufacturing company. We have years of experience in plastic thermoforming, composite pressure / RTM moulding, moulding compression, and thermal forming and machining services.

Regardless of the size or scope of your project, we have the experience and expertise to guide your product from concept to design, costing, prototyping, and production.

IHT’s engineers will help you expand and realize the full potential of your projects by selecting material options and helping to refine and improve your manufacturing and recycling processes to optimize efficiencies.

Our Services

Complete support, from consultation and design to engineering, production, and assembly.

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Design Consultation, Engineering, & Production

CAD modelling of components and assemblies

Proofing to design a part doesn’t have to be a complicated process. We can take a simple sketch through to concept and create a 3D drawing of the part. This design can be easily modified as the project evolves. If you have a basic CAD model or design, we can analyze the part, make recommendations and come up with a final design to best suit your project needs.

3D Printing

Efficient Part Fabrication

3D Printing can speed up the prototyping of sample parts and assist with the building of modular parts to bolt onto prototyping moulds. Our 3D printing capabilities can fabricate complex components with a wide variety of materials and precise features.


We can assist in assembling and integrating the part into a greater design by gluing, welding, drilling, cutting, fastening, perforating or machining any other modification you may need to complete the final assembly of your project.

Prototype / Mould Production

Your Specifications, Done Right

The next step is to create the moulds, cooling and trim fixture tooling that will allow us to produce your finished parts. IHT offers a wide range of moulds and tooling options from particle board, epoxy, cast and temperature-controlled aluminum tools. Each design will account for the complexity of the part and expected service life based on the needs of your application.


Large and Small Scale Vacuum Forming

We offer plastics in varying thicknesses, .020”-.5”, a variety of colour options, surface textures and specialty materials to meet your specific parts requirements. Our double-sided VF machine can accommodate large parts up to 48” x 96” with a 40” draw.


IPC’s CNC routers are used to ensure repeated accuracy regardless of how complicated your custom parts trim configurations are.


We can saw cut custom-sized sheets for die cutting and piecing together custom acrylic shields.


We can cut 12’ x 10’ x 0.25” plastic sheets with a tolerance of +/- 0.005”.


Forming Complex Acrylic Parts

ICP wire heated tables can produce parts with simultaneous bends, up to 8 feet in length. Provide us with information on your shielding needs and we can come up with a suitable design.

Plastic Bonding and Welding

We have years of experience in bonding plastics with a wide variety of applications requiring the use of adhesives. Our team will find a suitable adhesive based on the type of your custom part.

Some parts can benefit from the extra stability of a plastic welded seam or joint to maximize the strength of the bond. If your part has holes or damage on the surface, we can fill your part with a compatible material and colour to ensure the repair has a seamless finish.

Material Recycling- Plastic Chipping / Re-Grind

Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

By efficiently designing our parts to minimize waste and recycling our scrap materials, we divert thousands of pounds of waste material from making its way into landfills. We separate each type of plastic before processing the material; regrinding to optimize the purity of the recycled material shipped back to our sheet extruders.


IHT Plastics offers a wide variety of plastics in varying colours, textures and material types.

With options to include anti-microbial, fire-rated compound and UV resistant additives we can assist you in selecting the best material to suit your application and needs.

Material Options

  • ABS
  • High Impact Polystyrene
  • PETG
  • TPO
  • Acrylic
  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Polycarbonate
  • Specialty Materials

Custom Material Options

  • Custom Colours
  • Range of Textures
  • Custom Thickness
  • Co-extruded Materials
  • Recycled / Virgin Content
  • Anti-microbial
  • UV Resistant
  • Fire-rated (UL94 HB, VO, 5VA)
  • RoHS Certified
  • Food Grade Materials