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Mat Vs. Lamps

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Mat Vs Lamp

Inefficient heat lamps waste a huge amount of energy as only a fraction of the heat reaches the target zone and transfers to the piglets. Some farrowing crates require 2 heat lamps to evenly dissipate heat to the target zone below. The heat dissipating from the lamps raises ambient room temperatures increasing stress on the sows’. The combination of energy efficient carbon heating elements and high-density insulation ensures all infra-red heat produced by the Hog Hearth heat mats is projected upward and transferred to the target heat zone above.

Heat Map
Heat Map Thermal Image
Heat Lamp
Heat Lamp Thermal Image

Hog Hearth heat mats will not only reduce the watts required to heat a crate but will run more efficiently, eliminate the risk of fires and lower maintenance.

When paired with a variable heat mat controller, the Hog Hearth system will use a fraction of the energy required to heat a farrowing crate vs a single or double heat lamp setup.

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